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Flower vase (set of 2)

SKU #: UCM-SKU-12572


Color:   Multicolored 
Material: Paper pulp
Design: Papier Mache
Type:  Flower Vase
 Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 10.5 inch

Components: This package will arrive with a pair of flower vase

  • Origin : India (Jammu and Kashmir)
  • Delivery From : India (Jammu and Kashmir)
  • Availability: 1


This beautiful pair of  vase  is so pretty  with all these colors painted on it to make it a colorful piece of art .All the colors are blending so well and looking perfect .Add beautiful flowers to it and decorate your room or  tables  .This vase will be a charm to your decor . The multiple colors on the vase give it a vibrant effect to keep away the dullness. 

Our sculpted motifs of papier mache are no less than souvenir. They have been made by the craftsmen using the right materials and hand painted. A craftsman used paper and glue to mould out the sculpture and form it into an object. A finished Papier mache product is made up of pieces of paper or pulp that are often reinforced with cloth or other materials and bonded together with an adhesive paste. These are glazed to keep them shiny and protected. Our exciting range of Papier Mache products includes a variety of arts, from fine art sculptures to pinatas and kids' crafts.

To know more about paper mache click on the link below:

  • Size: 12.70 cm x 12.70 cm x 26.67 cm
  • Weight: 630.00 g

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