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Blue grey handheld bag

SKU #: UCM-SKU-10067


Color: Blue Grey
Material: Suede
Closure: Zip
No. of compartments: 1
Design: Crewel Embroidery
Type: Handheld Bag
  • Origin : India (Jammu and Kashmir)
  • Delivery From : India (Jammu and Kashmir)
  • Availability: 12


Traditional embroidery done with wool thread on linen twill has always been as much of a craft as it is an art. Crewelwork, an ancient form of embroidery still uses 2-ply wool thread that is called crewel. Also known as the Jacobean embroidery, crewel embroidery continues to amaze us till date and it has advanced with more contemporary designs and a broader variety of materials.

Art crafted soft suede handheld bag in blue grey with a beautiful intricate designs of embroidery and stitches all over the bag. Dark grey border lining with premium material. The light weight of the bag makes it easy to carry with you while as presenting the art craft wherever you go. This bag is definitely a head turner in the crowd.

  • Size: 45.00 cm x 17.00 cm x 25.00 cm
  • Weight: 600.00 g

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